TIGGLY CHEF a Math Learning System for Kids 3-7

This mobile game can be played either as a traditional app using fingers as counters or as a hybrid with the Tiggly Math toys.

We spent many months researching old and new counting games, both physical and mental.

At the end of all the brainstorming we came up with the traditional Cuisenaire Rods used in Montessori schools. These simple toys would serve as a beautiful playful tool which would teach children how to count, add and even subtract. The difference with ours is that they have interactive touch points which react with the iPad.

Tiggly Chef is also winner of the Tabby Awards 2015 iPad Apps and Games Category

TIGGLY ADDVENTURE a Math Learning System for Kids 4+

This game can be played as a hybrid app with the Tiggly Math toys or simply using fingers as counters.

As with all our apps we spent many months  researching and testing prototypes with children. It is basically the simple number line to 10 which our character Tiggly navigates through his skill and the players skill at adding and subtracting.

TIGGLY SUBMARINE a Math Learning System for Kids 4+

This game is another app which can be played with or without the Tiggly toys. A magical underwater world which was coded in Unity by our Tiggly coder, Jeremy. A hungry octopus, a tinkering turtle, and sea of vowel fish are just some of the hilarious characters I created for this app. Tiggly Submarine helps develop children’s understanding of simple words and short vowel sounds.